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LED technology in the service of nature.

Seja bem vindo

Here you see the LED technology that is good for you and nature.

Seja bem vindofter 3 years of deep research quality, and consumer markets EuroLed arises, a new concept of LED lighting solutions, linked to existing Euromarble, a company with more 20 years of tradition of art in marble and granite that ranks as the market leader and national reference for architects, interior designers and consumers.

Seja bem vindoThe EuroLed was essentially designed to leverage scale and market strategies, reinvent ways of getting efficient products on the market, thus enabling the adoption of more sustainable technologies, better performance and more affordable, not to mention that can be installed in all environments and spaces.

We strongly believe in transparent relationship with each client, always striving for the formation and maintenance of a lasting partnership.

Our versatile products are distinguished by copyright features clear, high-value, high variety allowing them to cover indoor and / or exterior, residential, commercial, industrial and even public.

When requesting a quote or project, the client has at his disposal all technical assistance which may need in order to compare and offer the best products and solutions for every need.

Seja bem vindo

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