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LED technology in the service of nature.

Aplicações Versáteis[]Versatile Applications

Versatile Applications

Versatile Applicationshe LED bulbs in traffic lights began to appear, and today you can find in lighting and furnishing public buildings and homes.

With Euroled you can take the modern lighting for all environments and applications - from homes, offices, parks, museums, airports, streets, traffic signals, banquet halls, underwater lighting, commercial offices, to hallways, auditoriums, hotels, and mining industries.

The LEDs provide excellent light spectrum, bright colors and are designed to fit easily in all lighting and decoration projects because they are smaller and brighter.

The Copacabana beach, for example, recently had more than four thousand LEDs installed kiosks in 240, showing how you can now use the diodes on a large scale for public lighting.

Japan has innovated even further and demonstrates how LED lamps are versatile. Toyota built an entire village lit only with this technology. Called "Azabu no Oka", the town is located in Aichimas and the entire project will take four more years to complete.

When ready, the town will have over a thousand LED lights. Using this technology, Toyota promises that the power consumption of the site will be 75% lower than if they were used bulbs. This is another example of the efficiency of LED lamps in Euroled special illuminations.

Give it a bit more niche, cabinets, stairs, gardens to accentuate and create special environments.

The innovative LED lamps Euroled offer many options for modern lighting, ideal for maintaining or increasing the level of lighting and effect or to highlight - for all spaces.

Technology is Euroled to light with low power consumption and collaborate with the environment.

Outras Matérias

Versatile Applications

Versatile Applications
Today LED lamps earn the rank of modern lighting for all applications.

Safe environment

Safe Environment
Learn why LED bulbs are considered the safest in the world for all environments.

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology
LEDs reduce energy waste and bring titles obvious environmentally friendly.

Lighting the Future

Lighting the Future
For over 40 years LEDs have been applied in various situations, meaning innovation and versatility for lighting.

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